About Us

Beauty is not about how people perceive you. It's about how well you can carry and present yourself in front of others. So what's so special about Bhavna's Look Well? Bhavna's Look Well gives you that confidence to stand with dignified beauty. Customer prioritization and customer care, that's what makes Bhavna's Look Well special.
At Bhavna's Look Well, we give priority to our customers' requirements and suggest what's best for them. It is not just a parlor, it is the best beauty salon you can have in Pune. Bhavna Ranawat started Bhavna’s Look Well Beauty Spalon (Only for Ladies) in Year 2000 which is now known as one of the best beauty salons in Pune.

She also provides Scientific Solution based Beauty Services for Hair and Skin, and also specializes in Makeup Category. Bhavna's Look Well specializes in Skin & Hair Care treatments which are done scientifically.
Bhavna Ranawat has done more than 20,000 faces of Bridal Make-up and more than 25,000 faces of Brides' and Grooms' friends and family Make-up in a span of 18 years. She also has served for several dance shows, dramas and fashion shows with her Make-up services.

Our Beauty Salon is member of Angatarang Make-up Academy of Mr. Baba Meru a well known Makeup Artist in India and we are Life Member of Indian Association of Beauty Therapy and Cosmetology.
We also provide Professional Beauty training in different courses in Make-up & Advanced Beauty. We also provide Diploma courses in Hair Chemical, Skin Management, Scalp and Hair Management, Hair dressing, Hair styling and Salon Management.